My name is Karthik Macherla, and I am currently a Senior studying Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania. I love to solve problems, learn new ways of thinking, and find new perspectives on things I already know. Since I’ve come to Penn, I’ve been fascinated by problem solving in system design, in algorithms, and decision making. I want to use this blog as an opportunity to write about some of the crazy/cool/wild things I think I’ve learned and also talk about what they can mean for the future. I also want to use this blog as an opportunity to challenge myself to take on more riskier projects and reflect on they went.

I hope that by doing this, we’ll both be able to learn something new. If you find something interesting, or want to collab on a project, feel free to reach out!

Email: kmacher@seas.upenn.edu

New! What I’m working on right now (last updated Jun 23 2021):

  • Amazon Alexa Mobile Team (internship project)
  • When learning is dangerous post
  • Picking out my next project + new moves